Why Strelka?

We all remember the names of the first man in space or the first man on the moon. But what about one of the first dogs?

Strelka got its name after the bravest dog that went into space and returned safely.

This is our tribute to a dog that helped humanity make a giant leap forward in space exploration.

Our vision is to create a world where pets get all the care they need.


What are our values?

Fun & force free

Dog training should feel more like a game. We create all courses using force free training methods that are fun both for you and your poch 

Simple & Clear

We break down the most complex training course into simple bite-sized lessons. We know that you can train your dog in just ten minutes a day


We believe that everyone should have access to dog training. It should be a privilege. Here at Strelka, we work with charities to make it easier for people to adopt dogs

Who is creating our content?

All our courses are created by certified dog training experts and animal behavioural specialists. Our trainers have over 100 years of combined experience.