Train your dog in just 10 minutes a day 🐶

Strelka is your personal guide to dog training, created to help you with all the challenges and frustrations of raising a dog.


With the training program personalised to your dog's unique character, breed and age you can see the results in less than a week. Download the Strelka app today!


Dog training is difficult. But it shouldn't be!

Training a dog can be stressful.

Online dog training hasn't been effective in the past because it treated all dogs the same.

But things have changed...

Introducing Strelka - the first personalised dog training app.

The Strelka app has been created in partnership with leading trainers and animal behavioural specialists.

We leverage information about your dog's unique character to recommend courses and personalise your training routine.


Here's how Strelka work

1. Tell us about your dog

We'll use this information to generate a Behavioural Profile for your dog

2. Get a personalised training plan

We'll create a personalised training plan based on your dog's Behavioural Profile

3. Tell us what works for you

Based on your feedback we'll tweak your training program to drive better results

Scientifically-backed training from the most renowned trainers
Our content is created by the best trainers (literally), including Steve Mann, who is the Founder of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and a best-selling author to create content together.

Strelka was started by a team of trainers, vets and pet enthusiasts to make pet care simple, affordable and fun ❤️
Learn more about Strelka's mission

wow! the best dog training app I’ve seen so far

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Great app for my Poodle!

I absolutely love the info this app provides! Helped me take much better care of my puppy!

Awesome app

I love this app! My pup has already learnt how to do a trick! I would defo recommend this to new dog owners!